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We are happy to welcome you to our page. Our licensed roofer in Utrecht ready to answer all your questions. Make sure to let us know if you need help with:

  • roof leakage
  • roof repairing
  • roof maintenance
  • roof replacement

We make it happen! Below you will read all you need to know about our company Dakcentrale Nederland B.V., roofer in Utrecht. We are waiting for your call on number 085 - 106 15 65. Happy to help!

More about us

We guarantee certified roofers in Utrecht that are well acquainted with all sorts of roofing. Deliver quality, that is our main goal! We see every day as a new day to learn. With this attitude every employee became a specialist in no time. We can give you a price indication based on the square meter of your roof and the state of your roof, but usually we come and check the state of your roof, to give a more specific price indication.

Roof leakage roofer Utrecht

A roof leakage revealed itself in your ceiling? Contact our roofer in Utrecht directly. This, in order to avoid high repair costs as a result of the leakage. Check the possibilities of compensation for repairing the damage. This is the purpose of an insurance.

Roof repair roofer Utrecht

Do you need help with repairing your roof, blown of tiles or other problems with your roof? Our roofer in Utrecht is specialised in roof repair. We have many years of experience in roof repair and know all the ins and outs of all types of roofs. We will not leave you with your broken roof. A question in your mind regarding repair or do you want to make an appointment? Don’t hesitate to call or mail us.

Roof isolation

If you want to lower your energy costs, consider roof isolation. Other than that it is an economic choice, it provides comfort inside the house. Roof insulation is applicable to flat and slant roofs. Our roofer in Utrecht is expert in roof isolation and only works with the best materials. Depending on your type of roof it can be better to either isolate the inside of the roof or the outside. We will advise you.

Contact our roofer in Utrecht

Our competent roofer in Utrecht helps you with all your roofing problems. Maintaining the quality of our roofing business is our priority. This is how we make and keep our customers happy. We are always available for calls on the following number 085 - 106 15 65. If we are busy you can also fill out our contactform. We contact you rapidly.